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05 August

We’ve come a long way from computers the size of a room. We now have wearable “computers” that can be used for health and fitness tracking. Thanks to these fantastic innovations athletes, healthcare professionals, and regular people now have access to extensive health information via their smartphones. Research shows that more than 30% of individuals in the United States now use wearable health-tracking technologies, with over half of them using these devices regularly. As researchers improve their research, there’s a possibility of having smart glasses or smart exercise clothes in the near future. But until then, here are some great wearables to help you on your mental health journey.

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18 July

Regarding men’s mental health, the critical problems we see today reveal how socialization paradigms have caged the minds of men in an unhealthy way. The way society, which includes each of us, has influenced many men, young and old, to attempt to be “manly” in the wrong ways has created a barrier for men. It might seem like a thing of the past, but it wasn’t so long ago Tyrese Gibson was mocked for showing emotions. 

But that’s not to say we haven’t made some progress. The public’s reaction to the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard case is a sign of the improvement we have made in debunking age-old social constructs that men held on to.

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12 November

In the last few years, mental health applications, especially wearables, have become more popular to treat anxiety and depression. Science has made it possible for men who struggle with their mental health to have constant help in the form of wearables that help restore their much-needed balance. 

These mental health wearables also help gather data in a non-invasive way that provides information that can be used to treat with these disorders more effectively. And while none of these wearable devices are a cure-all, they can be an effective assist for a guy who is already working with a mental health professional. 

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24 June

So you work all day, come home and relax or vegetate until the wee hours, then go to bed,  and when you wake up rather than feel restored –  you’re sleep deprived. It sounds bad when you say it like that, but nothing a little caffeine can’t fix, right?

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28 May

Social media platforms —with pressure to look picture-perfect and doing all the right things— can be a negative space sometimes. With this, will you think to find specks of positivity?

Your answer, probably, would be a “NO.”

But like everything, social media, too, has its pros and cons.

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