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09 February

Being in the moment, the now, the zone – regardless of how the state is described mindfulness, the practise of training our minds to work with us and for us rather than against us is the super skill every man must have ….

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08 January

Emotions play an important role in our daily lives, influencing the decisions we make and the way in which we react to situations.

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16 June

Fathers are shapers not molders. As men, who choose to be fathers, everything we do and say becomes the rich soil that our children draw from to grow into their own full potential. But no one handed us a book on how to get this fathering thing right – right? We borrowed from our fathers or father figures – we kept what worked for us and tossed out or changed what didn’t work. We get it wrong more than we get it right – and most of us know that – we accept it.

Here at The Men’s List we’re celebrating Fathers and the art of Fathering and in time for Fathers’ day and in honor of inclusion, equality, diversity and love, here is our Top 5 for books on Fathering.

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02 June

“I know I’m not the only guy to have depression, but I feel like I am. Do any of you guys feel like this as well?”

“I look around and none of my friends are as anxious as I am -why am I the only guy with this?”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all full of forums and special peer support groups of guys who are asking questions like these every single day. Despite messages and campaigns aimed at normalizing mental illness especially for men it seems that the majority of men suffer with their symptoms in silence and in a belief that they are the only ones to have an illness.

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29 May

Why Did Colin Kaepernick Really Take the Knee?

This is a time when it is impossible to be neutral on racism. To state, “I am not a racist,” simply because you have never said or done anything harmful or prejudiced towards someone else based on their skin color or yours – does not make you anti-racist. Unless you are willing to unlearn all that you have learned and then use your voice to change systemic injustices and biases you are by absence contributing to the pain and problem of racism.

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15 May

At the best of times many of us suffer with the symptoms and effects of severe to mild depression. In our new COVID-19 pandemic paradigm more and more men are wrestling depressive symptoms as they grapple with uncertainty, boredom, and trying to figure out how to pivot their lives. At The Men’s List we want to help – here are our Top 5 books for guys with depression. But, we know, that everyone will benefit from the knowledge, expertise and insights these authors reveal.

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29 April

Loss is a universal human experience that ironically none of us are ever prepared or taught how to navigate. Our culture has a bias towards birth, re-generation and joy despite the fact that we will all experience death, separation and grief in our life. For men loss and grieving are particularly profound as we lack the vocabulary and awareness to know what we are feeling and we lack the tools and knowledge to mourn in healthy ways.

These are our top 5 books recommendations to help you, or someone you love, with loss and grief.

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24 April

“The only time I have problems is when I sleep.” — Tupac Shakur

Ideally we are asleep for about thirty percent of our lives and what sleep scientists and researchers understand that many of us struggle to grasp is that sleep is as essential to our health as eating and exercise. Most adults are under-slept, chronically and while there are all kinds of sleeping aids, pills and remedies to address this society-wide sleep shortage – science will tell you that forming and sustaining good sleep habits is the most effective approach for a good night of rest. Here are our Top 5 books to help you develop those rest – full habits.”

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17 April

Let’s face it – we all have a little or a lot more time on our hands right now. The draw to be distracted, to seek out a steady stream of rewards and to feel the euphoria of either the ‘big win,’ or an inconsistent, intoxicating stream of ‘small wins,’ can be mesmerizing. Minutes can become hours without our knowing as we become sucked into wagering money we may not even have.

Gambling is not a male-only mental health issue but it certainly affects more men proportionately than women. It’s time gentlemen for us to move from denying we have an issue to grabbing hold of our minds and working actively on a new life plan which pays out a far better prize.

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18 March

Not sure where to start when it comes to visualizing, setting and creating a path towards achieving your goals? January has come and gone and perhaps your life is still needing that superbooster of How-To and motivation to really lift off. Here at The Men’s List we’ve compiled what we think are the top books to read and have in your library to shift out of stuckness and into perpetual motion. In fact, we suggest going one step further – buy a copy for each of your friends and make goal-achieving your crew’s mantra.

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