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David Johnson Claimed


I am a British man married and living in Hawaii. The initial stages of my life saw me working in the computer industry having taught myself to program. Questioning life, I threw a pack on my back and spent a few years traveling.

On my return I spent a number of years living in a Buddhist meditation Centre, studying along side a Tibetan teacher. Identifying as an introvert and highly sensitive man, I work as a coach with introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs), as well as with those who wish to understand the quiet people in their lives.

My niche area is working with men, men who feel different and struggle with fitting in in a modern world.

I also work in the local jail on the island of Maui, co-facilitating mentoring circles for the incarcerated men.

I work in person, in my office or in a place of your choice (I am happy to walk and talk), over the phone or via video such as Skype.