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David Jurasek, MA, RP | Psychotherapist, Toronto – Riverdale, Danforth Claimed

Helping men to grow relationship muscles and thrive with their loved ones!

I tend to see and help men who are…

  • Ready to put down their masks, trying to please others or pretending they can be happy as a lone wolf.
  • Sick of stupid fights with their lover(s) – wanting to be the one who stops the madness to transform conflict into deeper connection.
  • Tired of being the victim, seeking to find and to step into their full power.
  • Wanting to tame the instinct to criticize and blame and learn new habits like how to appreciate and influence positively more.
  • Also brave and wise enough to know they can’t do this alone.
  • Often also seeking community and mentors to see them more clearly.
  • Aware that to transform our demons and begin thriving as men, we have to look at our impact on others.

I empower men I work with to discover who they are, what they want, and to choose the best strategies to move forward in the most meaningful and fulfilling ways. My background in Mindfulness, theatre, and martial arts allows me to offer unique and creative ways to understand complex problems and to move through them in a hands-on and dynamic way.

Most men I work with tend to appreciate that we don’t waste time. They also tend to like that I coax them playfully to get moving and into their bodies. We regularly break out of the expected therapy box to go on adventures and have fun in the process.

Note, some men feel uncomfortable when I hold them to their word, confront them to be accountable to themselves and others and ask them to travel the few inches from their heads into their hearts (where they are often terrified to go).

Over time, some of my clients also report that it’s a huge paradigm shift to go from the black and white perspective of being focused on themselves their entire lives to discover the new reality that we are all interconnected and interdependent.

It can be hard asking for help. I honour you for your courage and trust to reach out. I’m also aware that the relationship in therapy is key! That is why I offer a free consultation to assess if we’re a good fit or not. If so, we would also track our process together to ensure you are getting results. Otherwise, I would refer you to another pro for help.

PS — What about my qualifications?

The ones I would note as most important are being seasoned as a psychotherapist, having 25 years experience supporting boys and men, being a proud father, a grateful husband, a Sensei blessed with many committed students and having a restless creative spirit — all of which inspire me in the middle of the night and wake me up early in the morning with a fire in my belly. You can also learn more about the therapy I offer at: