• Art Therapist
  • Clinial Psychologist
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  • Coach
  • Coach and Hypnotherapist
  • Coach and Trauma Professional
  • Counsellor
  • Counselor
  • Counselor / Psychotherapist
  • Counselor Intern
  • Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Group Practice
  • Hypnotherapist
  • LPC Intern
  • Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Marriage & Family Therapist Associate
  • Marriage & Family Therapist Intern
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Pre-Licensed Professional
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychoanalyst
  • Psychological Associate
  • Psychologist
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  • Psychotherapist
  • Recovery Coach
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  • Social Worker Associate
  • Social Worker Intern
  • Therapist

Igor Shteynberg

Tap into your own healing potential

The Feldenkrais method is based on neuroplasticity: the ability of our brains to rewire through experience. In a Feldenkrais class practitioner guides students through a series of small, gentle movements, directing their attention to how these movements feel. Awareness of these surprisingly small and subtle movements naturally accelerates this rewiring, which leads to general improvement, and can address very specific physical and often even psychological issues. At the end, students are often astonished by how much better they feel, physically and emotionally.