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“As a new practitioner, joining The Men’s List immediately placed me with like-minded professionals who offer the right therapeutic support for men. I didn’t have to go looking for that network.”

 Selma Sturdey Bsc, Dip, MBACP

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Men Need Your Help

Every day hundreds of men visit our site looking for help with their mental health, couples support, family problems, addictions and much more.

Member Benefits

We support our community of experts. Our members’ articles are featured on our platforms and every professional receives access to our library of custom-designed content and infographics to share with their audiences and clients.

Increase Your Visibility

The Men’s List is targeted directly at men and we reach more than 60,000 of them every month! Our social marketing keeps men informed and engaged with close to 2000 direct interactions.

Example Selma - The Mens List


“I joined the Men’s List because I couldn’t think of a better way to connect with new clients. The ability to search and look for someone who specifically fits your need is the evolution of therapy. This is what men are looking for right now.”Jon Carson

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