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THE MEN’S LIST Feature – Hugh Dillon

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Mary Townsend
Mary Townsend

I love how honest Hugh Dillon ?? was and is! I know he has helped many people. I have never done drugs but just things he has said has encouraged me in many ways. Hugh’s a great guy in my book.


Nicely written Mr. Krewen. Mr. Dillon, you have done a great job with your transition so far, stay strong. Warmest of hugs and a special Thank You to your circle. I previously worked in an event stadium. I have always loved the back stage more then the front. It’s more realistic to me. We were hosting a VERY well know band who’s lead was fashionably late. I then witness 2 men “assisting” the lead to the FOH. My first instinct was to tell him I was here if he needed someone to just let him Be or to help him… Read more »

Mike McManus
Mike McManus

I love Hugh and this article is exactly why. He’s no poser on anything he does; he’s a straight shooter but not in an arrogant or ignorant way. From the 1st Headstones album his intensity and lyrics caught my attention and I was an instant fan and his acting is the same with the 1st episode of Flashpoint that I saw. You never get a sense that he’s just “mailing in” a performance, whether it be on stage or on screen and I really appreciate that. He’s an inspiration to me, Hugh’s the real deal.


Hugh! You are an inspiration! I still miss Flashpoint as do so many people! Good luck in all your endeavours….you do us proud!