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The Mens’ List Therapist Directory is an online listing of mental health professionals located throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Members who list their services on this directory provide expert, gender competent services and support to men. This directory is expanding and not at all complete or final, and is designed to provide you with the best place to begin if you are looking for mental health support in your area, or for a specific issue.   Please note that having a listing in this directory does not imply that the mental health provider is, in any way, endorsed by The Mens’ List.  And while The Mens’ List does verify that all our members are credentialed, we highly recommend that you visit their websites and to check with the professional licensing bodies in your state or province, or region to make sure that the provider is licensed, in good standing, and eligible to practice in your state, province or region.

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Please Ask for Help, But Also Seek the Help You Need

By Rick Fortier
I lived in denial for over two decades. Then, I procrastinated for another ten years. Yeah, I’ll get around to it tomorrow, or next week. No worries, I got this.

Or, so I told myself.

It wasn’t until the life that I had created was tumbling out of control that I began to realize that I was in serious trouble.

Feeling Stuck? A Man’s Guide To Surviving A Rut

There’s a thickness to life many men try to ignore or plow through. They’ll feel stuck at work, in relationships, with health problems and/or risky behaviours.

Being stuck describes a stage where you feel trapped. It’s not that you cannot move, but that you’ve convinced yourself you have nowhere to go…

Men And Our Work

Men know and understand there is a continuing gender-based wage gap. But men at work are also feeling a self-esteem gap which isn’t shared to the same degree by women. Men have been conditioned for ages to be hunters, gatherers and breadwinners. Not every man has done a particularly good job in those roles, but those expectations have shaped their sense of self-worth — with risks attached.