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The Mens’ List Therapist Directory is an online listing of counsellors, therapists, coaches, social workers and mental health professionals located throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The Mens’ List is also a resource of mental health information, counselling and therapy articles and interviews, and infographics.

Professional members who list their services on The Mens’ List provide expert, gender competent services and mental health support to men. The Mens’ List is expanding and not at all complete or final, and is designed to provide you with the best place to begin if you are looking for counselling or therapy support in your area, or for information and a better understanding of a specific mental health issue. Please note that having a listing in this counselling directory does not imply that the provider is, in any way, endorsed by The Mens’ List. And while The Mens’ List does verify that all our counsellors, therapists, and coaches are credentialed, we highly recommend that you visit their websites and to check with the mental health professional licensing bodies in your state or province, or region to make sure that the provider is licensed, in good standing, and eligible to practice in your state, province or region.”

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Kevin Love on Overcoming Anxiety

NBA Star Kevin Love And Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

Anyone can develop depression, but when that person is a celebrity he often chooses to share the battle publicly in hopes of helping other people. Kevin Love, five-time All-Star and NBA championship member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is a great example of this. Love’s experience with depression affected him for the first nine years of his NBA career and it wasn’t until a panic attack that drove him to therapy that he realized he was dealing with a mental illness.

Mental Health Depression_Infographic

Battling Depression with The Rock

How the Rock Beat Depression (and How You Can, Too)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is considered one of the toughest men in Hollywood. He gained fame wrestling in the WWE and has spent the last decade of his career playing action heroes that are recognized for their strength and determination.

But in reality, Johnson has spent a lifetime battling depression. According to Johnson, at the height of his depression he “didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly.”

NHL All-Star Ron Ellis And The Score on Depression

There is no denying that Ron Ellis is one of the greatest Toronto Maple Leafs to ever don the uniform.

The stats speak for themselves: a four-time NHL all-star with one Stanley Cup to his credit; one of five players to clock in more than 1000 games with the team; their number four all-time scorer with 332 goals; 11th in assists with 640; 6th in points with 640, a member of the 1972 Summit Series national team against Russia and on the roster of the Canadian team for the 1977 Ice Hockey World Championships.

Movember: Global Platform Grows To Encompass Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

By Nick Krewen

Movember has expanded its horizons.

Once known strictly as a program to promote prostate cancer screening for men – most notably by engaging men into growing moustaches to raise funds and awareness in the month of November, hence the name “Movember” – the Australian-founded non-profit has broadened its mandate into the gender-specific areas of testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention in terms of helping men leading healthier lives.